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“What makes you guys different? Why should I send my dog to you for training?”

I remember the first time I heard this question.

It took me back a moment.

I’m not a sales person. I’m not a businessman. I train dogs.

But here was this woman standing in front of me. She loved her dog with a passion. She would do anything for that little animal.

And the thought of sending her dog to a training program was terrifying. The idea of parting with her dog, the uncertainty, had made her so afraid to move forward with training.

But it was the same love of her dog that made her realize that she MUST move forward with training.

“She recognized the stress and anxiety in her dog. She saw how that sometimes led to aggression. She loved that little monster but she was tired of the chewed up shoes and underwear.”

So while her love of her little dog had held her back from actually investing in dog training, it was the same love that was pushing her to reach out.

And she found me.

And asked me that question that I didn’t have an answer for. I just wasn’t ready for that type of question.

But in that moment my mind traveled back to a moment that is forever etched in my mind.

Charlie was a Pit Bull mix. A stray. And he had a broken leg.

“The perfect trifecta for a dog that isn’t going to have much of a chance, right?”

He was lodged at a veterinarian’s office where I was training.

He had to stay off his leg so he was kept in a small little area.

I knew that he would be overlooked by potential adopters. But I knew there was something there.

I would take time out of my day to just go and sit with him. I would talk to him. Pet him. I knew that someone had to show him that he was loved.

And it was that exact moment of sitting next to Charlie telling him about my day that popped into my mind when that dog owner asked me WHY she should use me.

I didn’t have a fancy degree to show her. I didn’t have a TV show. I’ve never written a book about dog training.

But what I wanted to get across to her was that there isn’t another dog trainer in the greater Detroit area who puts as much of himself into his work as I do.

I don’t say that to brag. And I don’t say that as a sales tactic.

I simply say it because I know that people from all over Michigan are going to hit this site.

Some of them will be looking for a fancy dog trainer with degrees and letters after their name. I probably won’t be the right dog trainer for them.

But many of you hitting this page are going to be that woman, holding her dog tight. Absolutely KNOWING their dog needs help but terrified of trusting the wrong dog trainer to make that happen.

To that dog owner, I’m a balanced dog trainer. I use lots of positive motivation. I balance that with proper correction that’s humane and fair.

And I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve the goals you have with your dog.

Enjoy Your Dog Again with Joey Luke’s Dog Training Services in Northville, MI

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We currently offer two styles of dog training to make that happen:

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Board and Train

 This is where your dog comes and stays in my home. He or she becomes part of my family. I can help your dog work through challenges ranging from obedience and manners problems all the way up to big-time anxiety and aggression. This is our most popular program. It’s guaranteed. Your dog will absolutely never know such freedom and you’ll never have as much enjoyment in your furry friend as when you complete my Board and Train program.


Private Dog Training.

These are one-on-one programs. You put in the work. I’m your coach. I take you by the hand and walk you through any challenges you may be having.

Joey Luke’s Dog Training in Northville, MI

dog training northville mi

As all dogs are unique I invite you to take me up on my low cost evaluation and temperament test.

In just a half hour or so I can help you see potential futures for your dog.

By the way, I ended up adopting Charlie.

Today he’s my sidekick. He often accompanies me on my training travels around the greater Detroit area. And if your dog comes and stays with us for our Board and Train there isn’t a better dog than Charlie to help dogs work through anxiety, fear, or aggression problems.