Dog Training Plymouth MI

Board and Train and Private Dog Training Lessons in Plymouth, MI

dog training plymouth mi

When you need dog training in Plymouth, MI, our expert dog trainers can help. Call our Joey Luke’s Dog Training team today at (313) 208–2392! 

At Joey Luke’s Dog Training, we’re proud to provide the best dog training methods in Plymouth, MI, and surrounding areas. Whether you need help training your new puppy or need some behavior modification so your dog gets along with your children or your cat, our team can assist. 

Board and Train in Plymouth, MI

Our board and train program in Plymouth, MI, allows your dog to receive wholly immersive training. Your dog will have daily socialization with other dogs and people alongside instructions from a dog trainer in Plymouth, MI. 

This training option is perfect when you want your dog to interact and be comfortable with other animals and humans. 

Private Dog Training in Plymouth, MI 

Our private dog training in Plymouth, MI, generally involves in-home training. Since dogs are natural homebodies, it makes sense to start their training in a place they feel the most comfortable. 

This dog training in Plymouth, MI, is also perfect if your dog is showing any signs of aggression or if they’re skittish around other dogs or animals. In-home private lessons are also more flexible, making them ideal if you have a busy schedule. 

Whether you choose private or group dog training sessions, our trainers can start with a behavioral consultation. Using techniques like positive reinforcement, we ensure that your dog develops good habits. 

Call the Best Dog Trainer in Plymouth, MI, Today!

At Joey Luke’s Dog Training, we strive for the best customer satisfaction. Our seven-day money-back guarantee allows you to feel confident choosing our services. 

For the best dog training in Plymouth, MI, call Joey Luke’s Dog Training at (313) 208–2392! 

Enjoy Your Dog Again with Joey Luke’s Dog Training Services in Plymouth, MI

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We currently offer two styles of dog training to make that happen:

dog trainer plymouth mi

Board and Train

 This is where your dog comes and stays in my home. He or she becomes part of my family. I can help your dog work through challenges ranging from obedience and manners problems all the way up to big-time anxiety and aggression. This is our most popular program. It’s guaranteed. Your dog will absolutely never know such freedom and you’ll never have as much enjoyment in your furry friend as when you complete my Board and Train program.


Private Dog Training.

These are one-on-one programs. You put in the work. I’m your coach. I take you by the hand and walk you through any challenges you may be having.

Joey Luke’s Dog Training in Plymouth, MI

dog training plymouth mi

As all dogs are unique I invite you to take me up on my low cost evaluation and temperament test.

In just a half hour or so I can help you see potential futures for your dog.

By the way, I ended up adopting Charlie.

Today he’s my sidekick. He often accompanies me on my training travels around the greater Detroit area. And if your dog comes and stays with us for our Board and Train there isn’t a better dog than Charlie to help dogs work through anxiety, fear, or aggression problems.