Is Your Dog Walking You?

    How to Stop Your Dog From Pulling on Walks

    One of the most common complaints we have from dog owners is that they can't enjoy walks with their dog because their dog is constantly pulling.  Often times owners have tried multiple different tools, trainers, methods to stop the pulling with little to no improvements.

    While pulling on leash is one of the most common issues we see it's also on of the easiest and quickest issues to fixed.


    Having the proper t...


    Teaching Your Puppy How to Enjoy Having Their Nails Trimmed

    Metro Detroit Puppy Grooming

    In our third episode of the Perfect Puppy Training Series we talk about how we go about teaching puppies to accept and enjoy having their nails trimmed.

    We see a lot of adult dogs who are afraid and stressed out when having their nails clipped.


    We'll show you how we go about introducing puppies to having their nails clipped in a relaxing and positive way which allows us to preve...


    Potty Training Your New Puppy

    Metro Detroit Puppy Housebreaking

    In our second episode of the Perfect Puppy Training Series we talk about housebreaking. In episode one we covered crate training which is a key component when it comes to potty training your puppy. If you missed the first episode check it out here!


    A lot of new puppy owners struggle with housebreaking their new puppy. If you're having issues teaching your puppy to...


    Crate Training Your New Puppy

    Metro Detroit Puppy Crate Training

    In our first episode of the Perfect Puppy Training Series we talk about crate training. Having a dog that's crate trained can be very valuable, it helps with everything from house breaking and preventing unwanted chewing and destruction in your house to giving your dog a safe place to go when guests or maintenance workers come over.


    We recommend starting to crate train your puppy from the first day you bring her home. In this video we talk more about why we crate train, the ...



    Helping a Fearful Dog Feel Comfortable in Her Own Skin

      Case study - fearful dog

    At our training company we deal with all kinds of dogs. We get owners with young puppies looking for some basic obedience and manners all the way to dogs with serious aggression who have a record of biting multiple people. Here at Joey Luke’s Dog Training we’ve seen it all.


    Recently we had a dog come in with some extreme fear and nervousness issues. Gracie was adopted from a local animal shelter a...



    Teaching Jackson how to be a Well-Behaved Dog Both Inside and Out of the House.

      Southeast Michigan Dog Training

    Jackson is the type of dog that we see fairly often when we set up evaluations with new clients. His owners were at their wits end trying to deal with him while raising 2 kids. Jackson was pulling on the leash, barking at other dogs on walks, no coming when called, jumping the fence in the backyard, and in general just not listening. His owners clearly loved him but really needed help to get Jackson trained and they had ver...

  • The Importance of Good Timing

    Posted by admin | Jul 26, 2016



    Timing Really is Everything

      Metro Detroit Dog Training

    One of the most difficult, yet most important parts of dog training is timing. Regardless of what training tools you use or what methods you prefer, in order to train a dog well you have to first master timing. Some people are naturally good with timing which is a huge benefit however most owners struggle with timing at least at first and some dog owners never seem to quit master timing the way we would like. Timing is import not just when giving a correction to a dog ...

  • Are You Giving Your Dog Unearned Freedom?

    Posted by admin | Jun 29, 2016



    Is There Such Thing as Too Much Freedom?

      Structured walk with Pal and Lilly

    A major cause of issue in the home is due to owners giving their dogs too much freedom before they have earned it. When a dog has been raised with little to no structure but allowed unlimited freedom… it’s a recipe for disaster. Typically you end up with a dog that has multiple behavior issues such as chewing inappropriate items, house training issues, reacting at other dogs or people, jumping, nipping… the lis...

  • Should I send my dog away to dog school?

    Posted by admin | Mar 31, 2016


    Is board and train the right training option for you and your dog?


    Lately we’ve had a lot of interest and a lot of questions about our board and train program, so we want to take some time to answer some of those questions to better help you decide if board and train would be best for you and your dog.

      Board and Train field trip

    Q: My dog is driving me crazy with his bad behaviors; will a board and train get me results quickly?

    A: One of the advantages of doing a board and train over private...



    Does my dog need to be crate trained?

      crate training photo

    The dog owning population seems to be split on this one. You have dog owners who thing no dog should ever be forced to spend time in a crate, and dog owners who see value in proper crate training.   We align with the second group, when done properly crate training can be beneficial to both you as a dog owner and to your dog. When done properly most dogs actually ENJOY spending time in their crates and view the crate as a safe, den like, space.

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